There's a New "Older Guy" in Town!


Wow! I turn 57 years old this year! How did that happen? How is it that on the inside I don't feel any different? I still feel like that indestructible 25-year-old, with a rebel spirit and an iron-hard body! Way back then I could drink what I wanted, eat myself to bursting point and be back in the gym next day without breaking a sweat! My body shape felt as if it would never change. It feels like yesterday, so where does that time go?

According to scientific research and investigation, the maximum life expectancy of a human being is now 125 years. This is a testament to the amazing advances in health advice, nutrition, fitness training and medical care. So if statistics and science are telling us that we are living longer it is now super important to make the most of our second half-century and extract the maximum amount of energy and vitality that we can from our bodies. Why bother? More vigour for our every day challenges and for enjoying more quality time with our Family, Friends and Loved-ones sounds good enough to me! Of course we must be sensible with the methods that we choose to challenge ourselves physically, but with careful consideration it is still possible to have fun and stay healthy well in to whatever we call old age these days.

As a lifetime asthmatic and after a double hip replacement last year, I can confirm that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. The day that I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, after a very physical lifestyle up to that point, is now burned deep into my subconscious. I can remember thinking to myself "OK that's pretty much it then! It's all over now!" I immediately plummeted into a deep and very dark spiral of depression, as my life's work began to fade away before my eyes and my hopes and dreams for a happy and healthy future crashed and burned in front of me.

I have always been a fighter, so I activated my warrior mindset in an effort to defeat these demons and to reconstruct myself and every aspect of my life. Using exercises, methods and techniques that I would love to share with you, I managed to rebuild my mind and body to the point that I now feel absolutely fantastic, physically, mentally and emotionally. I now know that it is more than possible to enjoy excellent health, with a high level of fitness, well into your second half! After all, age is just a mindset right? 

I am always super motivated and inspired by those YouTube videos of Men and Women in their 50's, 60's, 70's busting out challenging gym workouts, handstands and all manner of athletic awesomeness! So in the spirit of these New "Older Guys" I have decided to champion what I like to call the Mature Martial Arts Revolution!

I have created a solo Combat Fitness Training Programme for any Old Warriors who may be up for the challenge? It's all digital, so you can download it and train at home to suit your lifestyle and time frame. My approach is somewhat old school and deliberately simple. So if you feel like joining me on this quest for increased energy, health and fitness in your fifties or beyond check out my FREE Video Series at Fit2FightinYourFifties.Com

I look forward to welcoming you to the programme and together we will smash the stereotype of the Older Guy and create the all new version! Let's Do This!


Nick Pamment  09/03/2018